RareCandy3D is a virtual publishing house for scarce digital and physical collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. 
    We utilize ERC-721 protocol to register our assets on the public ledger - essentially creating a verifiable digital ownership contract that can be attributed up to one unique owner at a time, mimicking the scarce conditions of a physical collectible asset.
    We are currently not accepting any demos in any form.

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NCO - NFT Investment Slots - Grab ‘em while hot!🔥

The NFT Investment Slots were designed by Studio 530 Degrees, in France.

Behind The First NCO

Essentially, an NCO stands for NFT Coin Offering.

In contrast to traditional equity offering models, decentralization is manifested in an NCO, as NFTs empower unconditional participation in the sale, meaning that crypto native investors don’t have to be obliged by legal agreements, or trust the issuer project, and/or other third-parties involved in the token sale. In an NCO, the smart contract itself ensures that the owner of the NFT Investment Slot is the sole eligible claimant of a pre-allocated set of tokens. *in our case $RCDY as found in the encrypted NFT vehicle.


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