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    RareCandy3D brings the best of NFTs, DeFi, & Gaming together. Collect rare digital and physical art, fashion wearables, music, and XR experiences to unlock unique perks, earn passive interest on your holdings, and get rewards along the way.

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RareCandy3D x Cargo Winter Sale 2021 - Up To -70% Off All Items!

Grab your favorite candies with up to -70% discount between January 5th and January 15th 2021.


To celebrate the new year, the RareCandy3D fam sets all listed items on discount between January 5th and January 15th 2021. This is a joint effort between RareCandy3D and NFT marketplace Cargo, where the event is hosted exclusively during the sale. Note that all other marketplaces where RC3 NFTs are showcased, including Mintbase, OpenSea, and Rarible are excluded from this particular sale to further enhance the promotional event that sparks the official partnership between RareCandy3D and Cargo.

Besides all previous releases, hailing from March 2020 when we launched, you can find our latest drop by domestic artist Sibesky in his new album “Escape” that includes 3 limited edition artworks, distributed in an identical fashion to his first publication under the RC3 stamp (x1,x3,x10 copies respectively).

We want to wish everyone a happy new year, showcasing our appreciation for all your support so far with this first sale. Keep an eye for RareCandy3D throughout 2021 as dozens of new digital and physical collectibles, under the form of ERC-721 ownership contracts are being cooked and scheduled for your pleasure!

Visit WINTER SALE 2021 on Cargo.

Best wishes,
the RareCandy3D team