RareCandy3D is a virtual publishing house for scarce digital and physical collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. 
    We utilize ERC-721 protocol to register our assets on the public ledger - essentially creating a verifiable digital ownership contract that can be attributed up to one unique owner at a time, mimicking the scarce conditions of a physical collectible asset.
    We are currently not accepting any demos in any form.

RC3-C3-001 | “On-chain Santa” by Jazmin Varela


"Joeey kids! I’m afraid gas is too high this year to claim your gifts. 🤭"

*This NFT contains unlockable content. (Access to individual GIF frames in HD).

Catalog #: RC3-C3-001
Token ID: 94
Edition of: 1
Starting Price: 0.45 ETH

Artist: Jazmin Varela
Moniker: Jazmin Varela
Engines: Acrylic Paint, PS.

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About the album:

This is a unique single edition RC3 original concept release by Rosario-based artist Jazmin Varela. It represents something between a christmas joke and a bitter truth about 2021.

To be kept as a memorial to remember the gas wars era of the public Ethereum blockchain.

To redeem, visit Mintbase and check your NFT, or ping us at Discord.