RareCandy3D is a virtual publishing house for scarce digital and physical collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. 
    We utilize ERC-721 protocol to register our assets on the public ledger - essentially creating a verifiable digital ownership contract that can be attributed up to one unique owner at a time, mimicking the scarce conditions of a physical collectible asset.
    We are currently not accepting any demos in any form.

RC3-B6-003 | “Beyond” by Sibesky

"And there is no more, no faith, no love, no peace, no war, just us. Only the light of the sun, the lenses of the eyes, waking through us."

Catalog #: RC3-B6-003
Token ID: 61
Edition of: 1
Starting Price: 0.45 ETH

Artist: Vasiliy Oleshko
Moniker: Sibesky
Engines: Cinema 4D, After Effects, Unreal Engine 4

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