RareCandy3D is a virtual publishing house for scarce digital and physical collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. 
    We utilize ERC-721 protocol to register our assets on the public ledger - essentially creating a verifiable digital ownership contract that can be attributed up to one unique owner at a time, mimicking the scarce conditions of a physical collectible asset.
    We are currently not accepting any demos in any form.

RC3-B2-001 | “SiMi I” by Explore Her

“Part of the “SiMi” series, the artwork is a negative simulation of IRL light refraction through 1.5cm-thick glass, seen from photography through digital distortion to completion.”

Catalog #: RC3-B2-001
Token ID: 34
Edition of: 1
Starting Price: 1.0 ETH

Artist: Ada Alti  
Moniker: Explore Her
Engines: Illustrator, Photoshop, Glitche.

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