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How And Why You Should Top-Up Your Ethereum Account

Whether you are looking to explore, interact with, or experiment with Ethereum-based applications/services (such as NFTs), it is important to be familiar with some fundamental terms that would make up for safer navigation within the ecosystem.

For example, an Ethereum account, an address, and a wallet are terms that greatly overlap with each other yet they define slightly different concepts. If you feel unsure about this terminology, take a look here for a more detailed explanation.

As this present article is part of the Ultimate NFT Guide series, we will stick to Ethereum-based NFTs and briefly explain what Ether (Ξ) is and what it can be used for, as well as break down the process of topping up an Ethereum account with funds.

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Ethereum Testnets For Dummies

Although most enthusiasts would consider blockchain, formally known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), to be intact with Bitcoin, the world’s first and largest — by market capitalization — protocol utilizing this new networking architecture, there is one protocol that brings much more than just an alternative monetary system to the table. You should have naturally guessed by now, that this network is no other than Ethereum.

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Best Practices For Distributing And Promoting Your NFTs To The Right Audience

The crypto community doesn’t forgive brute cash grabbers, and you will have a hard time selling any NFT if you’re not truly committed to the scene, and only see this as an opportunity to leverage the ongoing hype. Fear not though, as the same community can transform from a tomato throwing catapult to a loving unicorn that hugs you with its ponytail, given the right vibes.

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Popular Ethereum Wallets for NFT Creators

As 2021 is already set to be the year of NFTs and estimated market projections are increasing at an almost daily rate, the associated hype is dominating over mainstream media news. As a result, ever more people are looking to hop on the NFT train, with creators and artists being no exception.

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Popular NFT Use-Cases For Creators

NFTs are on the right track towards achieving mainstream adoption — and for good reasons. Previous advancements in DeFi and stablecoins, growing interest from investors, and, of course, massive interest from artists, designers, creators, and collectors.

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NFTs Speed-Run by RareCandy3D

As the NFT scene is undergoing a phase of mainstream adoption, there are currently more newcomers than ever willing to join this digital collectible revolution. Although many NFT beginners might be familiar with basic terminology and definitions, the present article is meant to address those seeking a more detailed and thorough examination of the amazing world of non-fungible products.

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