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The Ultimate NFT Guide For Non-Crypto Native Creators

You are an artist. You wake up, prepare a cup of tea/coffee and you’re ready for the daily Internet surfing. Just a quick browse online and soon the trend captures your attention: “2021 is the year of NFTs.”

A few clicks later, you try to wrap your head around how a single NFT art piece can be sold for 69 million USD. For the following undefined amount of time, you find yourself immersed in thoughts feeling like a deeper search into “these NFT things” would not be actually a bad idea at all — after all, nobody was born an NFT artist.

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Choosing The Right Platform To Mint Your First NFT

At an almost daily rate, more and more creators/artists are hopping onto the NFT train ready to explore new territories and enrich the ecosystem with their creations. Nevertheless, if you have already tried to go through the process of creating an NFT, you’ve probably come across several platforms all seemingly offering the same service — but, there must be some differences between them, you wonder to yourself.

Undoubtedly, a newcomer looking to mint their first NFT can have a hard time deciding what’s the right platform, feeling overwhelmed by all the relevant information that’s out there.

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How And Why You Should Top-Up Your Ethereum Account

Whether you are looking to explore, interact with, or experiment with Ethereum-based applications/services (such as NFTs), it is important to be familiar with some fundamental terms that would make up for safer navigation within the ecosystem.

For example, an Ethereum account, an address, and a wallet are terms that greatly overlap with each other yet they define slightly different concepts. If you feel unsure about this terminology, take a look here for a more detailed explanation.

As this present article is part of the Ultimate NFT Guide series, we will stick to Ethereum-based NFTs and briefly explain what Ether (Ξ) is and what it can be used for, as well as break down the process of topping up an Ethereum account with funds.

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RareCandy3D "NFT Culture" Full Keynote Speech at Reworks Agora x Sphera Day 2021

Our founding members Max, Andro, and Ross boil down #NFTs to new artists who want to tap into the scene, during the "NFT Culture" panel organized by the European intercultural media agency Sphera and #WeAreEurope under the Reworks Festival 2021 wing.

Watch the full keynote speech here.

RareCandy3D Keynote Speach @ Reworks Agora x Sphera Day | Oct. 2

Reworks Agora is a two-day, cross-thematic forum that features keynote speakers, discussions, musical performances and screenings by leading experts and pioneers in the creative economy, culture, technology and contemporary thinking.

Agora in Ancient Greece was the gathering place where free citizens discussed and found solutions to important issues, and that is precisely the goal of Reworks Agora today. To be the place where forward thinking will approach the future vision for creativity and in which the public will discover emerging themes, initiatives and artists that will inspire and provoke dialogue and developments for the future development of tomorrow’s culture, having a modern look and horizon.

We’re invited to host a keynote speech, elaborating on the nature of NFTs as digitaly verifiable ownership contracts, but also as a new form of media vessel for artists and content creators. Join us for a “hi” if in Thessaloniki ♥ <R

“NFT Culture: What exactly is the NFT? How can this new era help artists go further with their artistic careers? What is the real story behind cryptocurrencies? Ross Peili, Max Winter and Andro.eth from the RareCandy3D team in a 360 keynote speech about the presence and future of the NFT culture.“


Ethereum Testnets For Dummies

Ethereum testnets can be described as independent networks conforming to the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) protocol that do not interact with each other.

You can see a test network as a public beta of the Ethereum protocol, where you can test different types of transactions, deploy and monitor the behavior of smart-contracts in x scenario(s), and do as many quality assurance tests as needed, analogizing the fact testnets run on local versions of ETH that anyone can claim for free through a relevant faucet.


Popular Ethereum Wallets for NFT Creators

As 2021 is already set to be the year of NFTs and estimated market projections are increasing at an almost daily rate, the associated hype is dominating over mainstream media news. As a result, ever more people are looking to hop on the NFT train, with creators and artists being no exception.

Although the required process might seem rather straightforward for crypto-familiar people, it is reasonable enough that many non-crypto native creators may feel a little overwhelmed. The ultimate entry point for one to engage with the global, decentralized crypto community (and, NFTs) is the wallet; not all wallets are NFT-compatible, therefore, making the right choice should be nevertheless, a wise decision.

This article is meant to provide some basic terminology about the wallet side of NFT things, as well as inform creators about popular NFT wallet options.


🎉Season 3 Is Live! Everything you need to know about RareCandy3D wrapped up in a post!

🔫Sub-machine-gun-speed-wrapper: Season 2 concluded in parallel to April with a code-art album by Warsaw-based indie game dev Michal “Rostok” Roctoski, entitled “Soon” (RC3-B7). If there would be some key things that marks the end of S2, while signaling the beggining of a renewed RareCandy3D season, that would be:

  • UNLOCKABLE files are now a thing!
  • A Holographic Authentication Sticker watermarks every single following NFT cover
  • The net-first NCO (NFT Coin Offering) is live!
  • We are pimping up our visual aesthetic by holding hands with a french product design studio and an Argentinian illustrator, namely Studio 530 Degrees, and Fabricio Orellano.
  • First physical releases are scheduled for publication. We’re kicking it with the first ever release from Ethereal Audio, a future-proof record label powered by Ethereum, and distributed by RareCandy3D.
  • We moved to a new Cryptovoxels parcel, at 9 Hook Street, owned by early RareCandy3D collector and supporter Bullauge.
  • Native vesting distribution smart-contracts with claimable functions for NFT Investment Slot holders are sharp and ready to be deployed!


Popular NFT Use-Cases For Creators

What makes NFTs attractive is, undoubtedly, their collection of native properties: proof of authenticity, ownership, and uniqueness of assets that are accessible in a verifiable, transparent, and immutable manner. Therefore, NFT use-cases can be tailored to accommodate the needs of individuals with different professions, expertise, goals, and aspirations.

In this article, we’ll briefly go through the correlates of tokenization, as well as highlight its potential that is manifested by means of NFTs in various popular use-cases from the creator’s perspective.


The NFT Investment Slots were designed by Studio 530 Degrees, in France.

Behind The First NCO

Essentially, an NCO stands for NFT Coin Offering.

In contrast to traditional equity offering models, decentralization is manifested in an NCO, as NFTs empower unconditional participation in the sale, meaning that crypto native investors don’t have to be obliged by legal agreements, or trust the issuer project, and/or other third-parties involved in the token sale. In an NCO, the smart contract itself ensures that the owner of the NFT Investment Slot is the sole eligible claimant of a pre-allocated set of tokens. *in our case $RCDY as found in the encrypted NFT vehicle.


RareCandy3D Update April 11th

  • The first NFT investment slots carrying claimable RCDY tokens will be available during the first NCO Token Sale on April 23d.
  • We applied as a publisher with Foundation, a matter of upvotes before our first release with the popular app.
  • The first phygital release is being polished and scheduled for the end of the month. *tip: 12" record vinyl.
  • Gearing up for the big league. A plethora of traditional brands, record labels, fashion studios, and product designers are signing with RareCandy3D to act as their official web3 distributor of NFTs associated with the respective brand.


Kicking-Off “Behind The Block” Interview Series + Introducing Bundles!

Another drop from in-house artist Vasiliy Oleshko aka ‘Sibesky’, entitled Dusk, is out now! Grab it while it’s hot on all popular marketplaces.

An interview with the artist behind the two unique (2) single edition pieces, and one edition of three (3) artwork is being cooked behind the scenes. Visit us later to check if it’s out!

RareCandy3D Bundles will be now a new thing, where RC3 collectors would be eligible to purchase a plethora of multi-asset bundles based on variou filters. (eg. Sibesky Collector’s Starting Pack Lv.1).

All that and much more to be revealed in the next blog post, this time, to be published via our new Medium account.