We are building the next generation entertainment platform, where NFTs are not just a buzzword, but a lifestyle.

    RareCandy3D brings the best of NFTs, DeFi, & Gaming together. Collect rare digital and physical art, fashion wearables, music, and XR experiences to unlock unique perks, earn passive interest on your holdings, and get rewards along the way.

   Join our Discord and stay tuned. New platform and public token launching soon <3

How It Works

Gather RareCandy to collect scarce digital assets registered on the public Ethereum blockchain.

Each non-fungible token (NFT) published by RareCandy 3D is verifiable on the Ethereum block explorer. Limited-edition digital art collectibles can be acquired in exchange for some precious RareCandy.

Powered by an Ethereum ecosystem cooperative

RareCandy $RCDY is a form of a Social Token developed by Roll, following the ERC-20 sub-Ethereum token standard. If you want to know more about Social Money follow this portal

Throughout 2020 RC3 enthusiasts could gather RareCandy by completing various weekly, and monthly “quests”, by participating in various easter eggs, bounties, and other digital events, and succesfully exchanged their $RCDY for RC3 NFTs via the OpenSea platform.

A year later, we’re planning the world’s first NCO - NFT Coin Offering, in association with Mintbase, and Roll, to deliver $RCDY tokens as unlockable claims eligible to NFT-specific owners who bought an NFT Investment Slot, effectively a digital ticket that grants you access to the pre-allocated amount of RCDY tokens embedded in the encrypted contract. To learn more about the NCO visit our dedicated page here.

Directly purchasing RareCandy from our Uniswap pool, as well as other CEXs, and DEXs will be available after the conclusion of the NCO.

Our friends at Minbase - an NFT factory that helps us create supperior digital collectibles - deploy our ERC-721 contracts directly on the Ethereum blockchain. That way you can track and authenticate each collectible from anywhere in the world.

We are a virtual publishing house that offers scarce collectibles. Hence, our headquarters can be also found in the virtual domain. More specifically, the RareCandy3D shop is located in Origin City, as found inside the Cryptovoxels realm. Feel free to pay us a visit following this portal and earn your very-first RareCandy right away.

RareCandy could be never achieved without the constantly growing Ethereum ecosystem and the plethora of decentralized applications (dapps) it supports, without our partners and ofcourse without you. The visionairies of the digital era. Thank you. <R 

I got some RareCandy, how do I spend it on digital collectibles?

So, you got yourself some RareCandy. Excellent! You can check what’s currently available following this portal. Keep in mind that some ultra-rare collectibles, such as physical assets that have been tokenized, can be only purchased with RareCandy ($RCDY).

Where can I see my collectibles?

Your collectibles should be instantly available in your web3 compatible Ethereum wallet. If you used Roll’s wallet to purchase your NFTs, you should check your Roll wallet, or transfer them to your main wallet. If you need an introduction to Ethereum wallets, follow this portal.

If you’re familiar with the web3 environment, you can review your digital assets using wallets such as Metamask, MyEtherWallet (MEW), and other web3 compatible Ethereum wallets.

Furthermore, if connected, your web3 wallet’s collectible assets shall be available for preview in analogous social networks and marketplaces such as, and

What can I do with my collectibles?

Similar to any rare physical collectible item, scarce digital assets could be utilized in numerous ways. Some NFTs can be used as decorations in virtual realms such as Cryptovoxels or Decentraland. Other use-cases involve virtual art auctions, tokens of trust or collateral between two agreeing parties, and arbitrary opportunities, similar to rare physical paintings, and more. If you need to sharpen your comprehensive capabilities when it comes to NFTs (non-fungible tokens), follow this portal.

Can I be a part of the movement?

RareCandy is the first virtual publishing house that cherry-picks its artists based on a series of factors including aesthetic coherence, level of creativity, and methods of rendering.

We are currently not in search for new artists, although you can always come back and try your luck! 

Furthermore, we act as the distributor for a plethora of traditional brands, record labels, and products that want to tap into the NFT market, but do not want to spend time and resources to sharpen their know-how.

Got any other questions?

Since we’re past the parallel competition phase and diving into the vertical growth era of blockchain adoption, we’re not here to present you a brand-new, innovative blockchain, nor we’ve developed our own tokens. As a matter of fact, a dapp is responsible for generating our ERC-721 contracts entirely. That’s right.

RareCandy3D is here to remind you not only how versatile the Ethereum blockchain can be, but also how Ethereum communities can work together to create more complex and sophisticated use-cases, otherwise impossible to achieve with a single organic prossecing unit (brain).

A native store is currently in the works, where you could directly log-in with your web3 wallets and monitor your collection, buy and sell assets, and trade your RCDY for ETH and other popular ERC-20 tokens.

Feel free to email us here.