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EAI-001 | “substantiallove.sol” by Universal Block Act

" ✨ Genesis release under the EAI stamp. "substantiallove.sol" is a 5-tracker EP by Thessaloniki-based artist Universal Block Act. "

*This NFT is redeemable for a physical asset. (1/1 Gold 12” inch vinyl record).

Catalog #: EAI-001
Token ID: 88
Edition of: 1
Starting Price: 1250 RCDY

Artist: N.R. Chatzilaskaris
Moniker: Universal Block Act
Engines: Yamaha RM1X, FL

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About the album:

The album concept and sound bind smoothly to enhance our vision of a dystopian future, where babies are lit born inside of computers and emotions are no different than self-executable programs, such as smart contracts. 🤖💔

💽 1/1 Gold 12" inch vinyl record comes with the relevant erc721 smart ownership contract, registered on the public Ethereum blockchain.

🎵 Additionally, individual audible specimens shall be available in digital format in limited edition UNLOCKABLE nifties.

To redeem, ping us at Discord.