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Behind The Blocks #4: Vyach

Hailing from Kharkov, Ukraine, Slava Gubarev, is a model, skater, and music producer with whom we have the pleasure to collaborate on his first-ever NFT release under the stamp of Ethereal Audio. EAI002 is the second musical NFT that’s following through Ethereal Audio’s genesis release.

The multidisciplinary artist, also known as Vyach, is fusing his musical influences and personal experiences into a four-tracker physical NFT backed by a 12" record vinyl compiled by Vyach and manufactured by CutsOnWax in Athens, Greece.

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Behind The Blocks #3: loudsqueak

Los Angeles-based 3d artist, Jeff Maynard, goes by the name loudsqueak in the metaverse. After multiple Instagram conversations about the current state of NFT affairs and some shared visions for the future, we are glad to be collaborating with him in RC3’s Season 3 opener.

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Behind The Blocks #2: Rostok

Michal Rostocki, alias: Rostok, is RareCandy3D’s first code artist with whom we are very excited to collaborate on his first NFT release. The publication, entitled “Soon”, consists of 5 different tweetcarts that share similar colors and style. For those who do not know, tweetcarts are PICO-8 doodles that fit into a single tweet. That means that each of these pieces is not longer than 280 chars (bytes).

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Behind The Blocks #1: Sibesky

Vasiliy Oleshko aka Sibesky is almost a synonym to the RareCandy3D stamp itself. The St. Petersburg-based visual artist was first introduced to us in February 2020, by Christos Belechris, an early RC3 scout who was digging Behance, and Pinterest aiming to fish for gems no-one would have noticed so far in what at that time was a pact, embryonic NFT scene.

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